I don't have the answers yet, but I have learned enough to be dangerous, and ask better questions..
Delegates - get your free delegates!
The DNC’s phone number is: 1- 202-863-8000. Call em and get you some free delegates! It doesn't matter who the voters vote for! You can go to the DNC and get delegates any way you want them!

From Michigan? Even better! 4 for 1 deal just for you!

Democracy - we don't need no stinkin' democracy - we've got delegates for sale!
There's gonna' come a reckoning...

There are HORDES of us out there who are fighting against the nomination of the "Precious". There are many ways to get your voice heard, and if you believe in not letting yet another presidential election get hijacked (this time from WITHIN the Democratic party), then do some work. It takes a tiny bit of effort, but here's what you can do if you've just had enough.


1. Sign the petition to make the votes of Florida and Michigan count: http://www.hillaryclinton.com/actioncenter/Default.aspx?sc=2 or http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/countFLoridaandMichigan/


2. Make some phone calls to your power establishment. Call 202-225-4965 and tell Nancy Pelosi what you think .Then call 202-863-8000 and leave amessage for Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy. If their inboxes fill up, good! Maybe they'll get the message of 'hey, you better listen up!" I already left Lois Capps (my house rep) messages. Thankfully, my senators haven't lost their minds...


3. Women (and men) send in your shoes to the DNC. Yes, you heard me. There's a movement to send in up to 36,000 pairs of sneakers, CFM shoes, steel-toed stilletos, etc...whatever shoes you've got at the bottom of your closet that you don't need. Write a note saying 'hey jerks! We're the voters you don't think you need this fall. We back Hillary. Want to know why? Walk a mile in our shoes." The stinkier, the better. Can you just imagine the DNC having to deal with 36,000 pairs of women's shoes? Insert video: DNC staff scratching their heads and saying, "Hey, I think these women might be serious..." Mail your shoes and your message to:
Democratic National Committee , 430 S. Capitol St. SE , Washington, DC 20003

If you don't have a message you want to particularly write, print this one off:

Participants in Walk A Mile In Our Shoes ask that the DNC acknowledge and act on:

1. Voters Rights
The DNC has a duty to support voter's rights for Florida and Michigan. We request that the DNC enfranchise the voters of MI and FL, who did not agree to give up their right for their votes to be counted. Please fully seat our MI & FL delegates. When the actions or decisions of a few individuals, regardless of their official roles can strip the citizens of the right to have cast votes counted - then we no longer live in a democracy.

2. Women & Families are Significant to the Democratic Party - Don't underestimate us!

The estimates of votes of caucus states disproportionately disenfranchised women, working Americans, families with children, the elderly, and others in Senator Clinton's significant supporters. Don't underestimate the importance of women, working Americans, families, the elderly, and others. We are concerned that the Democratic Party is walking away from us, from most of America.

3. The Good of the Party
It is in the Democratic Party's interest to take a clear look at Senator Clinton's phenomenal connection with the very same broad base that the party has sought to attract for decades. Don't walk away from the winning base! We are most of America! We are most of your constituents. Senator Clinton is winning the popular vote. She is winning the base we must have. She will win the general election.

Communicate to Howard Dean, & the DNC: Hear the well-reasoned voices of millions of women, families, and working Americans, 'from all walks of life'. Walk a


4. Donate your money. Yes, do it. I have NEVER contributed to a campaign before (as I suspect is true for a great many people) but I am doing it now. Give to Hillary at www.hillary.com. Or donate to the Women Count Too PAC - they're taking out ads in the NYT saying "NOT SO FAST!", standing up to the DNC and media who just want to annoint the precious and sideswipe the woman. 


5. Read the blogs that publish the truth on the numbers. Real Clear Politics and No Quarter are the best. The Confluence is also excellent, as is Taylor Marsh. There are many of us out there - connect and get your voice heard! 

No Here's what we said...s - Talk to me....
May 22, 2008 - McCain Leads Obama In Two Of Three Key Swing States, Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll Finds; Clinton Has Big Leads In Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania --- FLORIDA: Clinton 48 - McCain 41; McCain 45 - Obama 41; OHIO: Clinton 48 - McCain 41; McCain 44 - Obama 40: PENNSYLVANIA: Clinton 50 - McCain 37; Obama 46 - McCain 40


THIS Clinton supporter will vote McCain in the fall if Clinton is not the nominee. Why?


Because I want a centrist. Moreover, the Republicans are honest about their agenda. Pro-corporations, pro-life, pro-war, pro-Evangelical, religion, pro-guns, pro-white rich guys. If you're Jewish, female, a child, elderly, Hispanic, African American, or union...well, they're probably not going to look out for your particular concerns.


That's honest. I can argue with them because I know where they stand.


Democrats, on the other hand, PRETEND to be for all the other suckers everyone-who's-not-a-rich-white-guy, and yet, they'll screw you while telling you they care about you, bitch sweetie.


I am turning down Obama. He is not my choice. I'm a techie, just turned 40, in a comfortable management job in the tech industry, and pretty darned liberal. He should be speaking to me. But he isn't. I already rode the unity pony onece, like all the rest of you, when the self-proclaimed 'uniter not a divider' swept into office in 2000, thanks to the disgusting and highly illegal activities of the scumbag Republicans who rigged problems with machines in Florida. Then that unity pony turned and bit us. Remember? "If you're not with us, you're against us" and dissenting voices were disappeared to Gitmo silenced, starting with the media, who seemed to be thrilled to just be allowed into the White House Press Room for a cluster press conference.


If you've been watching the way Obama's camp cries racism every time a Clinton supporter says, 'well what experience and ideas has he got EXACTLY', the way they tell us we're fucking irrelevant denigrate us, it's starting to sound a whole lot like that last unity pony that rode through here screaming 'if you're not with us, you're against us!'


McCain isn't the next Bush.


Obama is.


And he ain't getting my vote because he's U N E L E C T A B L E.


And the DNC can go to hell. People out there are pissed enough that they want Hillary to say up yours leave the party and go as an Independent. This Independent would welcome that.


Go Hillary!

Why Obama should quit

He outspends Clinton 3-1 in PA, 4-1 by some counts, deluging the TV with ads... and still loses.


Lesson: it doesn't matter how much money you have, nor how great your rhetoric. All the money in the world couldn't win him that election. She took down yet another big state the dems need to win in November.


She's made the electable argument.


He hasn't. Winning a bunch of states that will go red in the fall doesn't make him more electable. He should look at withdrawing now, since spending his way out of it won't work, at least not in the big, utterly necessary states.


She needs to get better at the grassroots organizing. That's what is keeping his campaign big - he pulls the people that don't usually get involved. Clearly, they want a voice. She needs to find a way to connect to that voice.


I feel the tide is turning. I really do. Of course, I was for her all along, and think even more of her for withstanding the 'why don't you quit, honey, for the good of the party' whiners. Standing firm, against the odds, she's proved she's a far better leader than the other two.


Go Hillary!


Outsourcing - still hot, not entirely sure why....
When I arrived back at work, the company had laid off 6 people. That takes us down to 22. A little scary...though I am safe. For now.

And of course we have big aggressive plans for the next stage of the product buildout. So what's the answer? How do you do it all with less resources?


I am sitting through 11 presentations this week from Indian offshoring companies who specialize in software development. Some notes:

1. They've taken the British path that to overcome resistance to perceived incompetence: education is the answer, and more is better. Americans tend to believe in 'doing' more than they believe in education. The Indian teams all have tons of grad / post grad employees. They're better educated than we are.
2. They are anal to a point. American firms are known to try to speed things up, cut corners, and skip process that's too encumbering. The Indian firms, by contrast, have every certification and follow process to a 't'. I'll have to see how that works against the need for speed...

In just my cursory overview, it scares me. These jobs we are outsourcing used to be $40,000 per year for college grads, $70,000 - $150,000 for experienced developers. I think we are paying the Indians something like $25,000 per year for post grad, experienced developers. And they have TONS of schools for this trade. Remember how 'services' used to be such a big percent of our economy? Developing software is both product and service, and those were some of the better paying jobs in our economy. They were the 'engineering' jobs of the 80's, 90's, and 2000's. Now those too are going overseas, following manufacturing in droves. I understand the pressure for businesses to do more with less, increase margins, stay alive, etc..., but I wonder if American businesses have contemplated the effect this has on our own economy?

I think I should have gone into law, or psychology - a profession not likely to be 'outsourced', but perhaps one with interesting client twists and turns as the economy shifts...

Biting my nails...
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